Pact with the European Alliance of Academies at the Círculo de Bellas Artes

Pact of coexistencewas one of the eight projects chosen from among those proposing best practices for Europe within the 2nd summit of the European Alliance of Academiesunder the title "The Power of Art: Defending a transnational understanding of European culture", was held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes on 2 and 3 December 2021.

It was an extraordinary opportunity to analyse together the role of the world of culture in promoting coexistence. We also presented the initiative of jointly celebrating every 16 May as the International Day for Coexistence in Peace. We thank the Círculo de Bellas Artes for their invitation and their commitment to this celebration within the framework of the work they do to promote democracy, equality, justice and the defence of human rights. 

About the European Alliance of Academies:

The European Alliance of Academies is a transnational cultural union of leading European institutions. Under the German Presidency of the Council of the EU, the initiative is initiated by the Akademie der Künste.
Sixty European institutions and academies, including the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Royal Academy of Arts (London), L'Accademia Nazionale del Disegno (Rome) and the Círculo de Bellas Artes (Casa Europa), represent Spanish culture in this initiative. Practically all European countries, plus Great Britain and Norway, are present in this agreement, demonstrating the need for an alliance based on solidarity, especially necessary at a time when identity movements are emerging in several countries that attack values such as diversity and freedom of expression. Thus, this European network aims to safeguard European values such as democracy, equality, justice and the defence of human rights through culture.

Image from the programme "Are we less supportive?" on RNE.

That was the starting question of an interesting 'Tertulia' held on 10 October on RNE on the programme Not just any daydirected by journalist Carles Mesa.

Together with Ana Ruiz, spokeswoman of the platform Pact of CoexistenceFrancesc Núñez, sociologist and lecturer at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), and Jaime Rincón, owner of Casa de Comidas Carmela in Madrid, which is part of the 'Meals for all' initiative, took part. It was very encouraging to hear many of the stories of solidarity experienced in the spring. However, the urgent need to strengthen solidarity networks, restore mutual trust and promote a culture of agreement needs to be reiterated.

You can listen to the podcast in this link.

Riay Tatari
Riay Tatary

The member entities of the platform Pact of Coexistence we regret to announce the death of D. Riay Tatary BakryPresident of the Islamic Commission of Spain (CIE) and, as such, representative of the Muslim community in our country in this Platform.

At this time of grief, we would like to highlight Riay Tatary as a key person in Pact of Coexistence since its creation. His encouragement and collaboration in all the lines of work initiated by this platform have been a clear testimony to the commitment to coexistence of the community he represents. In these years of mutual collaboration, we have always found in Riay Tatary an interlocutor with a positive attitude, who is open to dialogue and respectful of others. His legacy is undoubtedly a major contribution to the normalisation of religious plurality in our country and, thanks to him, our society is today freer, more inclusive and more respectful.

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Ana Ruiz, from Pacto de convivencia, and Alfonso Aya, Prosecutor for Hate Crimes and Discrimination of the Supreme Court, during the meeting on the 13th.

The Platform met last Thursday 13 February with Mr. Alfonso Aya, Prosecutor for Hate Crimes and Discrimination of the Supreme Court. It was a cordial and intense working session, which helped us to better understand the circular on hate crimes issued by the Prosecutor's Office. With a focus on prevention, the entities were able to present real relevant incidents that were analysed together. Several evidences: the number of incidents is increasing; in addition to hate crime, it is essential to work on the prevention of hate speech and speech that, without being hate speech, fosters polarisation and hinders the free and respectful expression of ideological diversity. And a conclusion: More than ever, it is essential to appeal to our responsibility as citizens in prevention. To this end, we propose three practical keys: Do not produce hate speech, do not reproduce this type of speech in any form (especially through social networks), and do not let it permeate your attitudes and the way you relate to others.

Image of the meeting of the 13th of the Pact for Coexistence with the Hate Crimes and Discrimination Prosecutor.

Pact of coexistence has had a major presence at the climate change convention COP25 of Madrid. Particularly relevant was the participation of its members in the event entitled The agenda of agendas on 12 December, dedicated to "highlighting the need for the agendas of all organised civil society organisations to converge in the demand to promote the Sustainable Development Goals identified in the 2030 Agenda, in particular the Planet Goals".

María José Juanes (Third Sector Platform) co-organised this event with SEO BirdLife. In addition, the members of the Pact Irene Ortega (Coordinator of Development Cooperation Organisations) and Ana Ruiz (UAM).


On the European Day of Victims of Terrorism, we invite citizens to use music to generate acts of remembrance for all victims of any form of terrorist violence by adding their voice to the project. In the Key of Peace: Music for memory, coexistence and the common good.

In the Key of Peace is a pre-partisan citizens' initiative of activism through music. It asks citizens and institutions to declare themselves "enclaves of peace" by forming participatory choirs. The image of a large choir singing the same song of peace is powerful: just as in each choir there are four strings (tenors, basses, altos and sopranos) performing different voices - sometimes also different lyrics - and yet sounding a harmonious ensemble, so we want to invite society to sing together in harmony, despite their legitimate differences, in the face of violence and barbarism.

If you declare your environment a enclave of peacePlease do not hesitate to share your experience with us so that we can include it in our database of enclaves.

Pact of Coexistence 2020
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